Past Events with contributions from Erik Lundh

Erik Lundh give full day tutorials on eXtreme Programming (XP) and Agile in Swedens three major cities.
"En dag med lättrörlig utveckling"
Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö
Erik Lundh & Charlie Poole: 
"Test-Driven Development: Communicating Through Tests"
Malmö, Stockholm, Göteborg
14-17 June 2004
Erik Lundh hosts seminars/workshops with
Mary & Tom Poppendieck: 
"Implementing Lean Software Development"
Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö
Oktober 6-8 2004
Seminar on Agile Development at the Helsingborg branch of Lund Institute of Technology More... Helsingborg Sweden
18 may 2004
Erik Lundh hosts a seminar/workshop with
Mary & Tom Poppendieck: 
"Getting Started with Lean Software Development"
Malmö, Sweden
Thursday 5/12-2003
Erik Lundh hosts a workshop with Ward Cunningham & Charlie Poole: 
"Test-Driven Development with FIT"
Hilton Malmö
Thursday 5/6-2003
Malmö, Sweden
Seattle SPIN
Erik Lundh presents "Coaching Full XP, giving organizations an instep experience to go agile" for the Seattle SPIN (Software Process Improvement Network) at the Boeing Auditorium
Boeing Auditorium, 
Monday 4/11-2002
Seattle, USA
Another conference panel with Kent Beck, et al

Kent Beck, Ron Jeffries, Erik Lundh, Rational's Gary Pollice, et al meet in an OOPSLA panel "To Be Extreme or Not to Be Extreme" moderated by Steven Fraser.

Seattle, USA

XP and Time Constrained Development

Martin Sandberg presents "XP in Fast Forward", an experience as a customer in a team at netMage that accelerated their development cycle to a single day after a few months of XP. Erik, the teams coach, talk about similar experiences of accelerated full cycle development from NASAs space shuttle program.
Erik & Martin reports from the TCRE02 workshop and how they demonstrated the requirements engineering process of XP in minutes, stirring up some debate among the RE researchers and profiles attending the workshop.

8/10 -2002
Paper presentation "Time Constrained Development with XP" at the International Workshop on Time-Constrained Requirements Engineering 2002 (TCRE'02) held in conjuntion with IEEE Joint International Requirements Engineering Conference RE02

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9/9 -2002
Erik Lundh gave a presentation on "XP from the test perspective" at the quaterly meeting of Swedish Association of Software Testing, SAST at Royal Viking Hotel, with a full house of 130 people attending. 19/9-2002
Stockholm, Sweden
Notable Past Events
SPIN-SYD workshop on Platform Strategies

1/2 -02 Lund 

Lecture on XP and SPIN 14/2 -02 Helsingborg
Lectures on XP and international peer networks at IEEE ECBS02 9/4 -02 Lund
XP2002 Third International Conference on XP & Agile methododologies 26-29/5 Sardinia
SPIN-SYD Conferences
Compelcon sponsors SPIN conferences)
SPIN Conference 2001:XP w Extreme Hour Live
SPIN Conference 2000: World class R&D
SPIN Conference 1999: How do you make software?
SPIN Conference 1998: How does the other guys do?