Erik Lundh has almost 30 years of experience of innovative, product oriented software development
He contributes to software-related industry development both domestic and internationally
Strategy and management:

Erik Lundh has extensive experience in strategic planning and execution on corporate level.
He has seen the problems of both small and large companies.
Mr. Lundh also serves as director at the board of select companies.

Coaching and mentoring:

Erik Lundh works as a coach and mentor for product development teams with a major stake in software.

eXtreme programming, XP, has been very helpful in making teams succeed, with Erik as a coach in an appreciated and non-threatening role.

Coaching: eXtreme Programming (XP), Peopleware, Innovative R&D, Creativity

  • XP for beginners
  • XP project bootstrap
  • XP for coaches
  • XP for Management
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